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Bill Miller – Allegory Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is a broad professional field creating the images necessary for effective advertising, sales and marketing.  To be successful in this field requires not only an eye for creative photography, but also an understanding of the business thinking that drives the final decision making process.  Given our background in both business and professional photography, we at Allegory can create the effective, attention getting, images of people, places, products and processes to help sell your service or product.

We have been in business in Oregon for over ten years and offer our clients a broad base of creative photography services that can meet all of your business needs.   This includes corporate and group portraits, architectural, and industrial, including products such as medical supplies and devices.  Our broad shooting range also includes children [through our work with Head Start] and lifestyle and food images as well a wide range of other commercial work.

Living and working in Oregon’s famous pinot noir growing Willamette Valley has also given us the opportunity to do significant work photographing wine & vineyards in the area.  We have also expanded our area so that we also shoot throughout the entire northwest.  Unlike most other commercial photographers our work with tourism associations, realtors and builders has also given us the opportunity to shoot a great deal of aerial photography.

Because of the broad nature of our portfolio we can also offer a wide – and growing – number of stock images that can be viewed throughout our site and in our stock archives.

All of our work is digitally edited and print ready for you.  We are versed in the most recent PhotoShop editing techniques and can deliver the final “camera ready” product to your art department, agency or printer.  Our work has been used in publications such as direct mail, marketing cards and brochures, advertisements [both print advertising and electronic advertising], websites, annual reports, convention, trade show and conference materials – as well as travel and tourism publications.  We have also had significant editorial exposure in magazines, cover stories and feature articles.

Bill also teaches several photography classes and workshops including beginning digital photography, digital photo editing and advanced group field shooting and critique.  His work has also been seen in several photo-essays including “A Window Into Russia” which was presented as part of an educational symposium in Scotland.

For more information about Bill or our services please contact us through our website contact page or call us at 971-237-2513.


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